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 Welcome to the Canadian Website!
The SVENSKBYBORNA CULTURAL SOCIETY was incorporated in April 2006.  At the Annual General 
 Meeting in August 2010, the following executive and Directors were elected:

Karen Wright,

Pat Dimock
Vice President

Deb Fettig,

Rita Nelson 

Myrna Wyse

 On this site you can read the history about the "Svenskbyborna" by Jörgen Hedman, articles etc,
 see below!
 It is possible to deliver material to this site. Contact Karen Wright - or the 
 webmaster  Ake Uthas, - if you have  materials you want to publish like historical
 materials, interviews, reportage, old photos etc.

 Below are links to some material.
 The History of Svenskyborna
 (Jorgen Hedman, Sweden)

 A catalogue of those Swedes
 who left Ukraine 1929

 Visa photos 1929, 1-99
 Visa photos 1929, 100-199
 Visa photos 1929, 200-299
 Visa photos 1929, 300-399
 Visa photos 1929, 400-499
 Visa photos 1929, 500-562

 Movie from Gammalsvenskby
 and from the journey to
n,  1929, 26 sec
 (no sound!). 

 On the website of the Swedish
 Embassy - under "Address Book" - 
 you have a list of Swedish
 organisations  in every province and 
 "Svenskbyborna" you will find under
 Alberta. Here is the link :

A Swedish Village in Ukraine.
Check this link!


Newsletter January 2011

Newsleter January 2013

Cairn Dedication at Svea 
see photos

Canadian Svenskbyborna 
Society visits Zmiivka,May 2007,
see here

Photos from the jubilee in 
Wetaskiwin, June 2005, Alberta,
Svenskbyborna 75th Anniversary.

Family photos from

Hidden Europe, article about
a visit to Gammalsvenskby 2005,  in English,
page 1- 4 and page 5  

Report from the Jubilee in
Wetaskiwin June 2005 (K Wright)

Report from the Jubillee in
Wetaskiwin June 2005,
in Swedish (K-E Tysk)

Andreas Annas story for 
Gammalsvenskby, read here

Cairn Plague
enlarge he picture by clicking on it

A link of interest might be:Scandinavian Heritage Society Edmonton, AB

Contact person in Canada: Karen Wright,, Mail-address: Box 238, Ryley AB TOB 4A0

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